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Ground Rules for Bonnies


 Bonnies Dog Training Ground and General Rules

These simple rules are designed for the safety and protection of EVERYONE and EVERY DOG whilst on the training grounds. You, your dog and your families are very important to Bonnies Dog Obedience and Puppy Training, our staff and trainers. Training is a fun and enjoyable experience when the rules are clear and RESPECT for all is considered.

By being here at Bonnies Dog Obedience and Puppy Training, YOU understand and accept that YOU are responsible for your dog’s actions at all times and in all circumstances from the time you arrive on the grounds.

EVERY single dog can and will bite in certain circumstances – this is in their DNA. NEVER assume every other dog has had the same upbringing as yours and NEVER allow your children to approach another person’s dog or to pat their dog without asking PERMISSION from the owner FIRST. RESPECT for the owner and their dog will keep everyone safe. Some dogs are, or can be, very nervous and anxious and may have never been in an environment like this before. Bonnies is a dog training centre for ALL types of dogs and at all levels.

Should you abuse your dog, any other person and/or their dog in any way on our training ground, you will be asked to leave.  Abuse of any kind is unacceptable. EVERY person MUST wear closed in shoes– NO thongs or open footwear please.

This is a school grounds and respect for the grounds and the buildings is essential. You are responsible to pick up any mess your dog makes – immediately. We have a “Poo Bin” for placing the plastic bags into after you have picked this up. If you don’t have a bag then we have a “Pooper Scooper” for you to use. REMEMBER – kids play here throughout the week and cleanliness is ESSENTIAL.

Our neighbours are also important and we do not allow dogs to keep barking (this usually only happens on the first night or morning). Continuous barking may impact on our neighbour’s peace and quiet – A QUICK TIP! Your dog can stop simply with a quick correction and then you distract the dog by walking away with it. (Talk to your trainer about how to stop this).  This behaviour could be the main reason you are here and we understand that.

NEVER allow your dog to go into another dog’s space uninvited. If a dog is tethered (tied up or on a secured lead) we highly recommend you NEVER allow your dog into a tethered dog’s space. The tethered dog has right of way as it sees this as his/her space.

ALWAYS have your dog on lead and under your control at ALL times unless your trainer has instructed you to do otherwise. This is from the time you arrive on to the school’s property to the time you leave. NEVER allow your dog to EYEBALL another dog! This is a very good way for some dogs to become anxious – Fight or Flight response can happen. Keep the lead ’SHORT‘ at all times: this keeps your dog close to you and under your control.

ALL DOGS MUST BE VACCINATED – FULLY for all course work and other courses and training – Minimum is First Vaccination for Puppies.

NOTE:You may see very senior and advanced dogs off lead whilst they are being trained – this is OK as this is a part of their training. Please keep your dog at least 15 – 20 metres away when possible.


Teach your children to RESPECT and understand that each dog is different and NOT to assume each is as friendly and relaxed as their own dog is. Bonnies want to reiterate the following point - If they want to pat another person’s dog: they MUST ASK the owner if this is OK - This can only ever be a positive learning for life.

Whilst on the grounds children are always invited to ask questions – as many as they want; after all, what they do with the dog at home is very important to the training of the dog and the future of your lifelong friend. They are NOT allowed on the training field EVER, without the express permission of a Trainer or Management. Children over the age of 12 MAY be able to train on the fields with permission of a Senior trainer.

CHILDREN are not permitted to run around noisily and create confusion whilst around the training grounds.  We also suggest everyone should wash their hands before and after handling any other dogs. We make hand wash available to everyone. You and your children’s health and safety are of the utmost importance to us.


Our courses are designed specifically to give the very best results possible, however ONLY you can ensure this occurs. IF you are doing one of the ’8 week courses‘ you NEED to complete the whole course to get the very best results. Clarity and Consistency is VITAL. If you miss a class we will make this up for you for free if taken within 6 months of your course completion. If you can NOT make a lesson which you normally do on a Saturday morning or Friday night just let us know as we may be able to fit you in on the opposite day or night.


At Bonnies we have more than 250 years of combined training experience on the field. Listen to what they have to say and give them the respect they each deserve. After all you have come to learn from their knowledge and experience. NO verbal abuse of our trainers in any form is acceptable. If you have a specific issue you would like to discuss please come a little early to your training so you can discuss with your trainer or Val Bonney.


Please check in at the appropriate desk each and every time you come to training, so we can mark you off the course registration sheets. Great dog manners start on arrival. We ask that if you are waiting to be checked in that you sit your dog beside you at least 1 metre from the dog in front of you. RESPECT each owner and their dog and they will respect you. Please don’t cut into the queue by going around those waiting.


Training aids like Halti’s, Black Dogs, Bridles, Martingales and Check Chains may be used. It is essential these are correctly fitted and used in accordance with Bonnies training methods. We do NOT train on a normal flat collar or a body harness as there is little to no control of your dog using these.  All equipment MUST be of a good standard. Frayed leads and other training aids MUST be replaced. Bigger dogs can break these if there is any damage to them. Our policy is that we will fit the right size equipment for your dog – at the time they are training with us. Dogs grow very quickly and so your training aids may need to be updated during your training and like a pair of shoes MUST fit correctly to ensure the comfort and training of your dog.


’At BONNIES – we love dogs‘ and our aim is to give you a great family companion for life. To achieve this successfully you need to help us by practicing with the dog throughout the week. It is very important for everyone handling the dog at home to give the same commands and have the same understanding of what is required. This is for kids, mums and dads, grandparents, carers etc. After all – having the same information and attitude by everyone, the dog won’t be confused. It will learn faster with consistency in the human approach.

If at any time you wish to offer comments and or suggestions, these will be most welcome as we value your feedback. Please feel free to post photos and or videos to our Facebook Page.

We wish you all the best of success for you, you dog and your family.

 With respect,

Bruce and Val Bonney and the entire ’Bonnies Dog Obedience and Puppy Training‘ team. January 2017