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Home consultations

Bonnies have been in the Dog Training Industry for around 40  years. We have for some considerable time been doing home consultations. These visits are to assist those who need to have a consultant visit them and their families to discuss the problems they may be having with their dog.

Two very experienced, qualified Behaviourists will be able to assist in this area. You will be given a copy of Val's book "Who's the Boss?", a DVD on Basic Training, at least 1 hour of consultation to all the family, and a written report and directive as to how to go about working out the problems.

Just a phone call to Val will have your problem come to an end. Phone (07) 3300 2959  (international: +61 7 3300 2959) or 0417 631 246, or email info@bonnies.com.au,  These Home Consults are becoming very popular and very important, as more and more people feel the need.  Results  can be quite dramatic. They can save your sanity, and the possibility of having to re home the dog or worse.

REMEMBER: The longer you allow the problem to exist, the harder it is to remove. You don't have to live with a dog who has a problem you can't deal with. Just call us

Again phone Val on 33002959  or 0417631246

New Baby Course

This Ante-Natal visit is for new mums who are taking babies home where a dog already resides. This is an extremely important course for families to take. There is a right and a wrong way to introduce a baby to a dog. Val can't stress enough how important it is to do this 2 hour seminar. Just phone Val  on (07) 3300 2959 or 0417 631 246 for details.  You can just have a home visit if you wish.  The book "Hey Baby - Who's the Boss?" will be given to you also.  HAVING A BABY?  THE IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING ABOUT THE BABY AND DOG IS VITAL.