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International StudentsAll of our classes are educational, as we deliver a great deal of information on dog behaviour. We handle home behaviour problems as they are brought to our attention. We have also developed specific educational courses & talks which are currently in use across Australia. Descriptions of these courses follow, please feel free to contact us if you require any further information. Lectures can be arranged for community service groups by request.

Canine/Human Relationship Course

TrainersA five unit 'Canine Human Relationships' course has been developed for those who wish to learn more about dog behaviour. To increase knowledge and apply the theory to real live dog problems. This course will definitely improve your problem solving skills. This course has been set up to enhance instructor and trainer skills, and covers the different methods of training, pack structure, aggression and problem solving. These are just a few of the subjects covered. The course was accepted by The Queensland University as an outside course some years ago. A certificate of competence will be given by Bonnie's on completion of the course. It is not a certified course. This course can be undertaken by those living in remote areas or anyone who feels they are not near adequate resources. There are five units, each of which can be done in your own time. A Competence Certificate is presented upon completion of the course. The course is ideal for instructors or trainers or indeed anyone who  wishes to enhance their skills, both in instructing and helping people with their dog behaviour problems. Vet Nurses have found it particularly rewarding & their practices have benefited.

 If you want to progress in the dog world, then this course is a must!

Phone (07) 3300 2959  (international: +61 7 3300 2959) or 0417 631 246 for more information or to make a booking.


April 2009

"This Unit I have just done, I have to say was the miost challenging of all the Units so far

First it asked questions on a subject I had no knowledge of. Secondly, it made me explore in depth, the true causes and consequences of Stress in the dog. Thirdly, made me more observant of both dogs and handlers I was dealing with. And finally, to ralize and appreciate how the Specialist dogs through their "Basic Instincts" evolved into the domestic dog. The whole Unit was at first Hard , unbelieveable, mentally draining - then when it all started to "come together for me" it was enlightening, rewarding and exciting.

I thank you for opening up my mind - my eyes - my heart.

With gratitude."

 2019 Graduate.

I can only repeat and enhance what is written above.  I found this 5 Unit course together with the research I had to do to complete the course has made me not only a better handler but a better and more understanding dog owner.  As a professional it has allowed me to increase my business with the confidence that my knowledge now allows me to be more understanding .

Thanks Val for putting this course out there.

Work Bite Free Course

ColliesFor all organisations that require staff to enter premises without fear of being bitten by residing dogs. This course was accepted by The University of Queensland some years ago.

 The 8 hour course covers many subjects relating to understanding why the dog acts as it does, understanding what assists often in alleviating the fear, and therefore the problem. Aggression in the dog  can become a thing of the past as the understanding of the owner becomes a thing of the present and the practice of using this understanding grows and grows into the future.

This course is recommended for Councils and medium to large organisations.

Phone (07) 3300 2959  (international: +61 7 3300 2959) or 0417 631 246 for more information or to make a booking.

Instructor Course

This course operates upon demand with sufficient participants. Phone (07) 3300 2959  (international: +61 7 3300 2959) or 0417 631 246 for more information or to make a booking. Covers all aspects of training.

How to bring New Baby Home Safely - into a home where a dog is already in residence.

This is a lecture which covers all the above. It is a once only night for expectant families to live harmoneously with the whole family (including dog). A very vital night for all who have children and who own dogs. This is for new mums who are taking babies home where a dog already resides. This is an extremely important course for families to take. There is a right and a wrong way to introduce a baby to a dog. Without proper procedures and training in place, a dog may not understand its role correctly and harm could occur. Val can't stress enough how important it is to do this 2 hour seminar.

The book "Hey Baby - Who's the Boss"? was written to cover this aspects of owning a dog and having a baby.

It has been recorded that over 20,000 dogs were either euthanized or re homed when babies came home to where a dog was already in residence.

Just phone Val on (07) 3300 2959  (international: +61 7 3300 2959) or 0417 631 246 anytime to find out more about this lecture.

Instructor Course for International Trainers

We conduct Instructor Courses over a 1 week or 2 week period for Instructors from overseas.

Accommodation is provided and costing for these courses can be supplied by emailing Val on info@bonnies.com.au, or phone (07) 3300 2959  (international: +61 7 3300 2959).