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Bonnies Canine All Sorts demo team



Bonnies Canine All Sorts demonstration team is an experienced and fun group of Bonnies Trainers, Trainees and friends who have devoted their valuable time to creating this demonstration team. The dogs are all from different breeds, ages and backgrounds. The team goes to Schools, Fetes, Dog Shows, events and more all over Brisbane and the south east. This team has been to the Royal Exhibition, multiple fetes, shopping centres, Dog Shows and more.

Our team consists of John, Judy, Louise, Therese, Sandii, Daphne, Amanda, Trent, Kim, Joe - we love them all and so do the audiences they perform in front of.

The aim of the team is to entertain your special groups and encourage people to train their dogs so as they become an integral part of the family structure. To have the best companion they possibly can and to have fun with all the members of the family.

You can contact Judy Harris on 3256 6404 or mobile 0431 435 878 who is delighted to help in any regard or:

you can also contact Val Bonney for more advice on this team by phoning (07) 3300 2959  (international: +61 7 3300 2959) or 0417 631 246 or send an email to info@bonnies.com.au