Behaviour Problems

ImageIf you are having dog behaviour problems do not hesitate to contact us. Problems can range from excessive barking through to dogs that bite.

Many problems can be cured during normal training classes. If the problems are more difficult, we will discuss fully the problems and solutions with you over the phone. There is no charge for phone consultations. 

However if necessary we will make arrangements for a Certified Behaviorist to talk to or visit you on a one to one basis.


Very experience Behavioural Consultants will visit you and your family in your home. Over 35years experience at conducting this type of session makes us the experts in the field. Don't hesitate to contact us, before the problem escalates. It never just goes away. Phone (07) 3300 2959  (international: +61 7 3300 2959) or 0417 631 246.

For help, just contact us.(HOME VISITS CAN BE A NECESSITY.)

All problems have one thing in common, they don't just vanish on their own. All problems left unattended will only escalate and then you have a dog which is NOT a pleasure to own. These are the dogs that invariably find their way into shelters or even worse. ACT NOW"- A time and date will be made that suits you and your family.

I belive there are many others who are doing this type of behavioural home training, but if you want the best, and you want your problem solved, contact the best and that is Bonnie's.

Copies of my 3 books and 2 D.V.D. CAN BE OBTAINED from the Product page on our Web site.

Your package will be posted to you as soon as it is received that it is required.


Remember the phone number - (07) 3300 2959  (international: +61 7 3300 2959) or mobile 0417 631 246. Phone NOW.

Contact us to discuss the problem you are experiencing as soon as possible.
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